Whether an experienced indoor cyclist or a total beginner, we encourage all new Spin Village riders to join us in a Welcome Class before signing up to their first full Ride 30 or Ride 45 class.

During the Welcome Class, we’ll take you through all aspects of the Spin Village studio. This includes going through the advantages of using our Specialized Torch 1.0 cycling shoes and taking time to find the perfect setup for each rider on our Keiser M3i bikes.


After the Welcome Class, we’ll email each rider with their handlebar and seat settings. That way, everyone can quickly set themselves up before the start of their first Ride 30 or Ride 45 class.

Once setup on the bike, the Spin Village instructor team will give you a short sample of what to expect during your first full class. You’ll experience our immersive QSC K.2 Audio System and also see our in-class FitMetrix leaderboard in action on the big screens in the studio.

Of course, everyone will have the chance to explore the rest of the studio. You’ll find our high-quality showers fully stacked with Malin+Goetz products, together with our vanity bars, Dyson Hairdryers, GHD Straighteners and a wide range of other toiletries for all riders to use.


We’ve added lots of nice touches around the studio such as our mobile phone charging lockers, water bottle filling station, ear plugs and hair ties. All of which are free for our riders when they come to the studio.

The Welcome Class is by no means compulsory, but we would love to meet you before your first Ride 30 or Ride 45 class. Plus, our Welcome Classes are a great opportunity to meet other new riders at the studio who are also looking to join the Spin Village Community.


Welcome Classes are free of charge and Booking is SIMPLE. Click here to Create your profile and reserve your spot.