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Please find our list of FAQ’s below.

If you can’t find the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@spinvillage.bike

> Do I need a Spin Village account to ride at the studio?

Yes. Whether looking to book a Welcome Class, Ride 30 or Ride 45 class, you'll need to either set up an account on our website or alternatively through the Spin Village app that is available on iOS or Android.

> Do I have to come to a Welcome Class before booking my first Ride 30 or Ride 45 Class?

Welcome Classes are by no means compulsory. However we do encourage everyone (from total beginners to experienced indoor cyclists) to join us in a Welcome Class before their first Ride 30 or Ride 45 class. Visit our Welcome Classes section at the top of the page for more information.

> What should I wear to the Welcome Class?

There’s no need to come in full gym gear for a Welcome Class as we’ll be simply introducing you to the studio, rather than jumping straight into a full workout (we just ask that everyone wears socks!)

> What should I wear to a Ride 30 or Ride 45 class?

We recommend wearing a t-shirt or tank top together with shorts or leggings for our Ride 30 and Ride 45 classes. Ideally something comfortably with no loose bottoms that could get caught in the pedals.

> Do I have to wear cycling shoes or can I wear trainers?

At Spin Village, all riders must wear cycling shoes with cleats as our pedals are not designed to work with trainers. At Spin Village, we believe the experience is heightened when using cycling shoes. Take our word for it, once you try using our shoes, you’ll never go back to trainers!

> Can I bring my own cycling shoes?

Definitely! Our pedals have a dual cleat system that accept both LOOK Keo and SPD so there’s no need to switch your cleats over before the start of the class.

> Do you have full changing facilities?

Our men’s and women’s changing rooms have a total of ten showers at the studio so queueing should never be an issue! Both are fully stocked with Malin+Goetz products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face cleanser plus hand and body lotions) as well as Dyson Hairdryers, GHD Straighteners deodorants, hair waxes, dry shampoos, make-up remover etc.

Each rider will receive a complimentary shower towel (as well as a face towel on the bike) to use after the class. That way, you can ride and still feel fresh afterwards!

> Do you have lockers to store my stuff while I'm riding in a class?

Both changing rooms have full sets of lockers with combination locks so that your belongings are always safe.

If you're arriving to the studio already in your workout clothes and simply need somewhere to store your trainers and personal belongings, we have smaller key-operated lockers big enough for a pair of shoes, wallet/purse etc. Plus these lockers have both a three-point and USB sockets to charge phones or laptops.

> Can I take my mobile phone into the class with me?

Whilst we won't stop you from doing so, we love keeping our classes totally phone-free. We've probably all been guilty of staring at our mobiles for too long through the day; Spin Village classes are a chance to forget about emails and social media notifications for 45 minutes!

Plus you can charge your phone in our charging lockers in reception during the class, so there's no fear of resorting to "Low Battery Mode" later in the day!

> Do I need to bring a water bottle with me to the studio?

We recommend that all riders take a water bottle to each class to stay hydrated throughout. Each bike has its own easily accessible bottle holder.

In our reception, we have a water bottle filling station but you'll have to bring your own water bottle with you. Soon, we will be selling Spin Village branded reusuable water bottles.

> How loud is the music during the class?

In creating Spin Village, we spent a lot of time optimising our QSC Audio System in the studio. In doing so, we can avoid having to turn all the speakers up to 11 to ensure every corner in the studio has the same audio experience. Having said that, an immersive audio experience is key to our classes, so the music will be at relatively high volume. We do offer complimentary pairs of ear plugs on reception for those who wish to tone down the volume a touch.

> When should I arrive at the studio for my class?

We recommend that all riders are in the studio at least five minutes before the start of the class. This allows enough time to get the bike setup and have a little warm-up. Don't forget, if you haven't checked into your class five minutes before the start of the class, we reserve the right to offer that spot to riders who are on the waitlist.

Note also that from two minutes prior before the start of each class, there will be no entry permitted into the studio because of our noise restrictions.

We do understand that things happen and you may get delayed just when your class is about to start. So if you arrive late at the studio, we will ensure you do not get charged a no-show fee.

> How do I cancel my spot in a class?

Class can easily be cancelled either through your account on the website or through the mobile app. Note however that you must cancel your spot at least 12 hours prior to the start of the class, otherwise you will lose your class credit.

> What happens if I miss a class that I'm booked in for?

If you no-show a class, you'll both lose the credit used to book that class and also be charged a £5.00 no-show fee. We really don't want to give out these penalty fees, but we want to keep it fair for all riders to be able to book a spot when one becomes available.

> Can I switch bikes in the class that I've booked?

Of course! If you check your class booking on either the website or through the mobile app, you'll be able to see which bikes are still available. Switching to a different bike is free of charge.

> Is there a minimum age requirement to ride at Spin Village?

Yes, you must be 18 years old or over, to participate in a Ride 30 or Ride 45 class at Spin Village.